Whether building a new concept or rejuvenating a 70 year old concept we work through the due diligence and ideation to design a superior guest experience and to provide a crystal clear vision for the concept and the guest experience.


Our simple approach and clarity enable execution at a high level which creates value for the guests and the company.

You need to get out of the restaurant business


The word restaurant derives from the French verb restaurer, meaning ‘to restore’. That is a romantic notion for a restaurant.  A place where people can go to be restored.  To be made to feel better about themselves.  The modern meaning is, “a business establishment where meals or refreshments may be purchased.”


There are over a half a million restaurants in the US.  And yet, you can count the exceptional ones in most cities on one hand. The romantic notion of restoring guests through hospitality has been misplaced and the majority of restaurants are not good at what they do.


BLUE OCEAN WORKS guides companies out of the bloody waters of the restaurant business and into hospitality where they can thrive.



You are not serving food and drinks. You are serving guests. The guest experience has to be your primary focus.


Restaurants grow when guests love it enough to come back and love it enough to tell their friends.  We help you build a culture based on true guest obsession. A culture that gets you out of the restaurant business and into hospitality.


We are all looking for a better quality of business and personal life.  You can’t get there playing the same game better or harder. You need to play a new game.  We have 35 years of intellectual capital and case histories of building successful new concepts, improving concepts - even old ones - and creating value.


BLUE OCEAN WORKS provides a simple approach with a low barrier to entry that raises sales and profits. It is still hard work, but it is actually a pretty simple business when you are focused on what matters.



What Blue Ocean Works Does


Great food and drink make guests feel good about your restaurant. A great experience makes them feel good about themselves which is way more powerful and leads to sales growth and profits.  We design concepts which focus on a great experience that exceeds guests’ expectations and can be consistently executed.


We train Service Intelligence which focuses not on what restaurants typically do, but rather on what guests want and what will bring them back.


We establish a clear vision for the concept so the entire team is on the same course.  We create a Brand Book which becomes an extremely powerful training tool and replaces manuals.  And, we build a culture where the focus is genuine hospitality.


Most managers are taught procedures, but rarely how to take the business from here to there.

We train your managers to execute the vision and obtain results.  We simplify your efforts and

direct your focus to the steps which actually net results.  We offer on-going maintenance to

maximize the long term results.


We raise your sales by increasing guest frequency and word of mouth.  We lower staff and management turnover.  And, we lower advertising and discounting costs by shifting the focus to marketing that actually works; execution.


Leading from Here to There


Leadership is taking your business from where you are to where you need to be. Your “here” is easily defined. Your “there” must be designed and should be focused on an exceptional guest experience, a greater top line and a greater bottom line.


Your business grows when the experience is great enough to come back for and great enough for your guests to tell their friends.  We teach your team how to manage the experience and run the restaurant rather than letting the restaurant run them.