Daniel has an effective and unique approach to hospitality.  As the Chief Concept Officer at Tavistock Restaurants he helped us build a culture of guest obsession and to develop and to grow some very impressive brands.


Daniel conveys a clear vision told through stories of the guests experience which become a powerful tool in setting the expectations and training the staff.  By ignoring what the industry normally does and focusing instead on what the guests see, hear, smell, taste, and most importantly feel, you end up with a superior experience and truly delighted guests.


From the architecture and interior design through uniforms, tabletop and menu, Daniel takes a thoughtful approach and ensures that all the pieces fit.


A great vision is only meaningful if you have the passion and leadership to bring it to fruition. Daniel is able to share and inspire so that vision is not just words on paper but what the guests actually experience.


- Bryan Lockwood

  CEO Tavistock Restaurants